Cuddle your anxiety away

Meet Katelyn Anderson, creator of the Cozy Case the world’s first therapeutic pillowcase. 

It was the middle of the night and Katelyn Anderson was rifling through her sheets and patting around in the darkness in a desperate attempt to get back to sleep. She had a secret not many of us admit to: she still slept with a stuffed animal. 

But anxious and desperate to pass out again, Katelyn was not worried about anything other than finding it and getting back to sleep. That’s when a lightbulb went off in Katelyn’s head. 

Wide awake (since her koala bear was nowhere to be found) Katelyn thought up the Cozy Case: a traditional pillowcase reimagined with functionality, comfort, and mental health in mind. 

“As a therapist with 12+ years of experience in treating extensive mental health issues as well as dealing with my own anxiety, I knew the power of cuddling something soft. It releases the feel good hormones that promote relaxation and calm while decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety.” 

Knowing how life-changing this ‘toss-and-turn-proof’ invention was, Katelyn announced the launch of Cozy Case to her 3,700+ followers on Equip Sleeping Co.’s Instagram and is running a Kickstarter in June of 2021 so she can share the Cozy Case with everyone who needs a little extra comfort at night.

Now Katelyn Anderson falls asleep at night cuddled against her Cozy Case and gets good, quality sleep that doesn’t cause her to wake up frantic to find comfort.


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