Cozy Case

Cozy Case™ is the world’s first therapeutic pillowcase that promotes increased feelings of security and relaxation. Cozy Case™ functions as a traditional pillowcase while providing a soothing tactile experience with its plush sides. The plush sides can be held and hugged, helping to relax the nervous system.  

The plush sides are filled with a luxury, down alternative stuffing to generate the fluffiness. Minky fabric surrounds the filling to provide an irresistibly soft touch. High-quality cotton has been used for the pillow encasing for a lightweight and breathable place to rest your head.

Fits a standard pillow and is machine washable.


In stock



100% Cotton Standard Pillowcase

100% Polyester Plush Sides


Care Instructions

Machine wash only, with like colors, place inside wash bag or regular pillowcase; cold, mild detergent, gentle cycle. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low. Do not iron, do not dry clean. Squish and fluff sides back into shape. Pillowcase can be steamed. 

3 reviews for Cozy Case

  1. Arlene

    More than a pillow! It is so soft and comfortable that everyone in the house wants to cuddle with it all the time.

  2. Michael

    For someone that doesn’t normally get much sleep, this case makes every second count. Super comfortable and transforms your normal pillow. Worth it.

  3. Elizabeth Marberry

    My 8 year old daughter has some sensory needs and absolutely LOVES her Cozy Case! She loves the texture & snuggling up with it at night. Highly recommend!

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